What Rights Does An Accident Victim Have?

An Accident Victim May Deserve and Be Entitled to Compensation When Injuries Are Caused By the Negligent or Other Wrongful Conduct of Another Person. Generally, Liability Insurance Carried By the Wrongdoer Will Pay the Victim For Losses and Sufferings.

A Helpful Guide For How to Determine Your Rights As An Accident Victim

Lawsuit Document Involving Personal Injury Issues Accidents can and do happen.  If you or a family member or friend were injured due to the negligent conduct of another person, get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible to discuss compensation for your lost wages, medical expenses, and suffering.  Make sure to talk to your lawyer before talking to the lawyer or insurance company of the person who hurt you.

What Type of Accident
Caused Your Injuries?

Slip and Fall

Wet floors, icy walkways, among other things, as unexpected conditions that cause slip and fall injuries may be a result of negligent maintenance by a property owner or others.
Occupier Liability

Trip and Fall

Uneven steps, frayed carpet, objects on stairs, unlit curbs, tree roots, among other things, can cause trip and fall injuries and may be a result of poor design or construction.
Occupier Liability

Dog Bite

A dog as man's best friend is sometimes untrue.  In Ontario, the Dog Owner's Liability Act makes a dog owner strictly liable for injuries as the result of an attack.
Animal Liability


Struck by a cyclist or struck as a cyclist, including dooring, can result in serious injuries including death.  Cyclists are protected from the negligence of others.
Negligent Conduct


Hot water tanks set too high, food or beverages served too hot, or machinery without proper warning labels, can all lead to very serious burn injuries.
Negligent Conduct


A moment of distraction or inattention may be lifechanging.  Driving is a serious responsibility and liability may arise when drivers fail to take due care.
Negligent Conduct

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